Our Story

Hello, I am Cassidy, inventor of the BabyToon!

Hi! My name is Cassidy. I am currently a fifth grader and the inventor of The Baby Toon.

When I was 7 years old I entered the Honolulu District Science and Engineering Fair. I was instructed to identify a problem. When I went home, I noticed that my mom always got scared when my baby sister put the back of a long, hard, plastic spoon in her mouth. I didn't want anything to happen to her and I didn't like seeing my mom so worried so I came up with... THE Baby Toon!

The Baby Toon is a NEW option for a baby spoon that eliminates the long sharp design of a traditional spoon. The Baby Toon is made out of 100% soft FDA grade silicone with rounded corners and edges (gentle on the baby's gums ☺). Our patented design is easy for babies and parents to hold with a short neck that limits how far it can enter a baby's mouth.

The Baby Toon also works great for big sisters or brothers to assist with feedings. The Baby Toon is FUN and educational because it teaches babies colors, SHAPES, and animals.

Love, 💕

P.S. It is Made in the USA!